(4) Further obligations to draft hygiene plans in accordance with the Infektionsschutzgesetz (lit. In the cases of the exceptions, the following provisions apply: (3) Rehabilitation sport for medical purposes remains permitted; the following requirements apply: (4) Notwithstanding subsection (1), trainings and competitions for professional athletes and for athletes of Olympic and Paralympic sports at federal, state or Olympic training centres are permitted. Section 37 Restriction of Basic RightsThese regulations restrict the basic rights of the freedom of the person (section 2 (2) of the German Basic Law), the freedom of movement (section 11 (1) of the German Basic Law), the inviolability of the home (section 13 of the German Basic Law) and the freedom of assembly (section 8 (1) of the German Basic Law). No closures for retail and grocery shopsThe essential retail and grocery shops remain open; the usual hygiene concepts still apply. Further contact restrictionsPrivate meetings with friends and family must be limited to persons sharing the same household and a maximum of only one additional person from another household. football and tennis halls, shooting ranges). The parents shall be responsible for the decision of the need. Section 25 Youth Welfare Work ProgrammesWork offers by the providers of youth welfare services are permissible. The supervisory authorities or institutions may disclose the personal data as stated in the above sentence to the respective institution for the purpose of infection control. These include low-interest loans and emergency relief as well as temporary support or the possibility of deferring trade tax and reducing advance tax payments. The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption is prohibited all day, in particular the sale and distribution of beverages in glasses, cups, mugs or disposable containers. (3) For the purpose of these regulations, public transport means all forms of commercial transport of persons by land and water as well as the stay of passengers and visitors on the premises belonging to the means of transport (such as railway stations, airports, landing stages and similar facilities). Section 9 General Regulations for Organising Events(1) Unless stated otherwise in these regulations, events are only allowed outdoors with a maximum number of 100 participants and in closed rooms with a maximum number of 50 if the following requirements are met: To sales stalls and catering, sections 13 and 15 apply respectively. (2) Persons in prison who are suspected or proven to be infected with COVID-19 must be separated from other persons. (7) During meetings in closed rooms, all participants must wear medical face masks in accordance with section 8, with the provision that speakers and lecturers may take off their face masks during speeches and lectures. (3) Offering food samples for direct consumption and presenting unpackaged cosmetics in the form of testers are prohibited. Section 10a Obligation to Wear a Face Mask in Public Buildings and in Places of Work and Business(1) In all buildings with public access, there is an obligation to wear a medical face mask in all areas open to the public in accordance with § 8, unless otherwise specified in these regulations. Urban art, outdoor movies, flea markets, performances, arts and live music shows — get to know Hamburg's cultural side. If feasible, adjust system when sports are played to increase outdoor air exchange. During this period, persons subject to these isolation orders must not receive visits from persons who do not belong to their household. Sport im Freien, Fitnessstudios, Golf, Sportkurse, Bootsverleih, Zweikämpfe, Hallensport, Reiten. 1 to 47, on Friday, Saturday and holiday nights, and on the nights before holidays, from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. the following morning, on Hamburger Berg street (St. Pauli), from no. As soon as a gathering is officially ended, all attendants must leave immediately. Public gatheringsThe obligation to wear a medical face mask applies to all kinds of public gatherings. Testing must meet the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute and be based on a PCR examination; rapid antigen testing is not considered sufficient.. (3) The test result or medical certificate must be kept for at least ten days after entry. For the obligation to wear a face masks, the following applies: (1a) As far as these regulations require persons to wear a medical face mask, subsection (1) applies with the provision that persons above the age of 14 must wear a medical face mask instead of a cloth or cotton face mask. Section 7 Collection of Contact Data to Facilitate Tracing Chains of Infection(1) As far as these regulations require the collection and storage of persons’ contact details to facilitate tracing chains of infection (collection of contact data), the following applies: (2) The person or persons responsible for collecting the data must check whether the contact details provided are complete and whether they contain obviously incorrect information. It shall suffice to record information on the users that allows them to be identified and contacted in order to trace chains of infection. The risk of infecting healthy and non-infected persons must be minimised. (2) Open-air gatherings in the form of parades, unless these are restricted to persons according to section 3 (2) numbers 1 to 3, and gatherings with more than 100 participants in the open air as well as gatherings with more than 50 participants in closed rooms are generally prohibited; in exceptional cases they can be approved by the responsible authority upon application and in compliance with the specifications under assembly law if this is justifiable in terms of the infection protection law; this may be assumed if the gathering takes place in a fixed location and with no more than 200 participants. members of foreign armed forces who enter or return to Germany for official purposes; persons who enter the Federal Republic of Germany for the purpose of taking up work for at least three weeks, provided that at the place where they are accommodated and work in the first ten days after their entry, appropriate hygiene measures and precautions to avoid contact outside the working group are taken, which are comparable to the isolation orders according to section 35 (1), and provided that leaving the accommodation is only permitted for carrying out work; the employer must notify the responsible authority of the work term before it begins and documents the measures taken; the responsible authority must verify compliance with these provisions. HD and 60p footage.. Section 4 Contact Restrictions(1) The collective stay of persons in public places is permitted. Hamburg by Seasons Hamburg in Winter. New government rules will allow outdoor sports with members of your household. Before the expiry of the period of 14 days after returning from a risk area according to section 35 (1), employees may only enter the facilities or the homes of persons in need of care or assistance if a doctor confirms that a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute was carried out no sooner than five days after entry, from two simultaneous swabs taken from the nasopharyngeal area, which produced a negative test result. 3, all persons present must wear a face mask in accordance with section 8, with the provision that the face masks may be taken off while seated; 4. dormitories must not be provided for more than 4 persons; (3) Living spaces in residential buildings must not be let to tourists. In professional sport, matches may only be held without an audience. The Government guidance states: Exercising. For more English information, please see our FAQs. arrangements that encourage dancing, in particular loud music and accent or effect lighting, may not be made; the serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. the following morning. For a simple update on what's changed, check here. Kleine Rosenstraße, Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Ida-Ehre-Platz square between Mönckebergstraße and Steinstraße, Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Lange Mühren street between Spitalerstraße and Mönckebergstraße, Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Bergstraße street no. Section 12 Public TransportPersons using public transport facilities according to section 2 (3) must wear a medical face mask according to section 8. (3) The providers of day care facilities must ensure that the following preventive measures are observed: (4) If possible, the day care clients should be brought and collected by relatives in agreement with the responsible person of the day care facility. (2) The prohibition as stated in subsection (1) does not apply to cafeterias in medical, nursing or care facilities which are not open to public access. Notwithstanding subsection (1), establishments at Autobahn service stations which provide catering services are permitted to cater for long-distance coach drivers and long-distance lorry drivers who, for professional reasons, transport goods by road and who can prove this by an employer's statement. 1. to persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany or the City of Hamburg only for reasons of transit; any such person shall leave the territory of the City of Hamburg by direct route; or. We have answers! notice of open-air gatherings must be given to the responsible authority 48 hours in advance; for urgent open-air gatherings, the notice period shall be 24 hours in advance; the general hygiene requirements according to section 5 (1) must be met; section 5 (1) numbers 4 to 7 and sentence 3 do not apply to open-air gatherings; on request by the responsible authority, the organiser of the gathering must draft an infection control concept according to section 6, which must be presented to the responsible authority in the event of a notification. The restrictions also concern the operation of sports facilities: Indoor sports halls, gyms and similar facilities, swimming pools and saunas are closed. This applies to children with single parents, children whose parents work in jobs urgently needed to maintain security or important infrastructures, and children who are in need of care because of emergencies in their families. The range of goods that does not correspond to the range of one of the shops or facilities mentioned in subsection (3) 1 may not be expanded. To other events, the provisions of section 9 apply. If in doubt, please see the full regulations in German. Emergency support shall be granted for those children. on Ottensener Hauptstraße from no. The contact details of the persons present must be collected in accordance with section 7. (2) This temporary closure does not apply to children with a special need for socio-educational support. Collective singing in the congregation is prohibited. The driver must remind day care clients to comply with the obligation in individual cases by means of written or acoustic notices or pictures as well as verbal warnings in the event of non-compliance. Amusement parks and other facilities for leisure activities are not allowed to open. indoor and outdoor attractions and experiences; hospitality businesses including restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars; The guidance is intended to help businesses make decisions that will enable them to re-open as safely as possible for both their workers and customers. Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue. Section 35 Isolation upon Entry and Return; Observation(1) Persons entering the City of Hamburg by land, sea or air from abroad who at any time within 10 days prior to their entry have stayed in an area which, according to subsection (2) 17 Infektionsschutzgesetz, has been declared as a high-risk area for an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (high-risk area) must go directly to their own home or other accommodation suitable for isolation immediately after entry and remain there in isolation for the following 10 days; this also applies to persons who first entered another German federal state. Public audiences are not allowed at trainings and competitions. Section 23 Schools(1) The general hygiene requirements according to section 5 apply to the operation of schools. (4) If the epidemiological situation deteriorates after the date of approval of the infection control concept of the Christmas or winter markets to such an extent that the implementation or continuation is no longer justifiable with regard to infection control, the responsible authority may impose restrictions in addition to the approved concept, in particular restrictions to or the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, or prohibit the implementation or continuation of the market. children under the age of seven are exempt from the obligation to wear a face mask; persons who have a credible reason that wearing a face mask it is not possible or unreasonable for them due to a disability or for health reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear a face mask; removing the face mask is permitted if it is necessary for identification purposes or for communication with people who are hard of hearing; the obligation to wear a face mask does not apply if there is a suitable technical device equally effective in reducing the spread of droplets by coughing, sneezing or speaking. Restrictions on gastronomy, leisure, entertainment and cultural activitiesAll restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs are temporarily closed. a. who are residents of the City of Hamburg and who, as a matter of absolute necessity, go to their place of work, study or training in a high-risk area for reasons of their profession, studies or training and return to their place of residence regularly, at least once a week; b. who are residents of a high-risk area and who, as a matter of absolute necessity enter the City of Hamburg for reasons of their profession, study or training and return to their place of residence regularly, at least once a week; this absolute necessity as well as compliance with appropriate protection and hygiene concepts must be certified by the employer, client or educational institution. (2) For the operation of libraries, archives, memorial sites and community cultural centres, the general hygiene regulations according to section 5 apply; section 4a (1) remains unaffected. p. 285) in the current version shall be repealed. It is highly recommended that parents should not send their children to school. Click here for more details and check back regularly for updates. (9) All providers of residential or short-term care facilities must immediately take appropriate organisational measures to ensure separate accommodation for persons proven or suspected to be infected with COVID-19 and therefore to be kept isolated from healthy and non-infected persons. Section 1 Purpose of this OrderThe purpose of this order is to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the City of Hamburg to protect the health and life of the citizens and to ensure the operability of the public health system. Persons failing or refusing to wear an appropriate face mask covering their mouth and nose may face a fine after 31 January, 2021. As Hamburg loosens restrictions, this contact tracing app is one of the best ways to help keep yourself and others safe. keeping an eye on personal hygiene and health. When students stay on the school premises, during lessons and student support as well as during school events with students at other locations, efforts must be made to ensure that the physical distancing requirements are observed, as far as this is compatible with the fulfilment of the educational and didactic task, and as far as the spatial conditions allow. Hamburg is regulating many aspects of public life to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, including the restriction or altogether cancellation of freetime activities, gatherings and cultural events for the foreseeable future. Section 11 Religious Events and Funeral Services(1) For religious events or gatherings in churches, mosques or synagogues, for religious events or gatherings in religious meeting places of other denominations or ideological communities as well as for corresponding open-air events, the general hygiene requirements according to section 5 apply. This also applies to persons who provide collective accommodation for seasonal workers or those working on construction sites. During transportation, all users as well as driving staff and accompanying persons must wear a medical face mask covering mouth and nose according to section 8 (1). According to a representative survey, 83 percent of the population is dominated by both concern about uncertainty and joy about progress in the Corona crisis. In closed rooms, all persons present must wear face masks in accordance with section 8, with the provision that persons present may take off their face masks while seated, and teaching staff and other lecturing persons may take off their face masks while teaching or lecturing. Antworten auf häufige Fragen zum Thema Sport und Corona, z.B. Situation in schoolsHamburg’s schools will provide classes via distance education until mid-February. For theoretical and practical driving instruction for the acquisition of driving licences, the general hygiene requirements according to section 5 apply. Section 22 Universities(1) The general hygiene requirements according to section 5 apply to the operation of universities. to meetings of only one person of only one other household; for the purpose of exercising a profession, unless otherwise restricted; for the purpose of performing duties or service as a member of the citizenry, as a member of the. (2) These regulations shall expire at the end of 14 February 2021. Section 29 Information Obligations in Cases of Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment(1) When referring, accepting or transferring patients, the responsible medical, nursing or supporting person must inform the accepting hospital or rehabilitation facility and the patient transport company immediately if the patient is suspected of having or is known to suffer from COVID-19. Landungsbrücken: © www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Sascha Neuroth, Corona Rules and Regulations: © congerdesign / Pixabay, between persons with a custody or contact relationship governed by family law; or. In addition, theatres, cinemas, operas, concert halls and museums have to close in order to minimise contacts in general. For children with a special need for socio-educational support, the nursery and day care centres shall remain open. The authority responsible for schools must publish a model hygiene concept for schools, within the framework of which a hygiene concept must be drafted for each individual school according to the Infektionsschutzgesetz. Please note that transparent plastic visors do not count as sufficient face masks. Still, the most effective means to slow down the increase in COVID-19 infections are: Changes in the obligation to wear a face maskIn addition to the general obligation to wear face masks in public places, all persons are now required to wear medical face masks in certain areas of public life. stays for urgently necessary social or ethical purposes. We've compiled advice and guidance on how the sport and physical activity sector can … Section 27 Hospitals and Other Mediacal Facilities(1) Visitors who experience symptoms of a respiratory illness, visitors who are proven to be infected with COVID-19, and visitors who have returned from a high-risk area according to section 35 (1) within the previous 14 days are not permitted to enter the following facilities: (2) The facilities stated in subsection (1) must ensure that the entry of corona viruses is impeded by restricting visits. Business and financial supportThe German government and the Hamburg Senate are committed to mitigating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. (1a) Employers are required to enable working from home for their employees (home office). Sex work facilities as well as casinos, gambling halls and betting shops are also closed. Coronavirus outdoor etiquette: no spitting, and keep your distance This article is more than 9 months old Britons should ditch their reserve and get used to telling people to stay back, say experts It is allowed to do outdoor sports alone, in groups of two or with persons of your own household; this includes outdoor sports grounds. […]. After testing, the persons must immediately and directly return to their own homes or other suitable accommodation and continue the isolation. Section 40 Expiry(1) The Hamburg SARS-CoV-2 Containment Order of 26 May 2020 (HmbGVBl. (5) For the operation of information stands by political parties, non-profit associations and non-governmental organisations in public places, the general hygiene requirements according to section 5 (1) apply. Please remember to wear a suitable face mask covering mouth and nose whenever there is a chance that the place gets crowded – and, of course, where it is mandatory. In those places mentioned above, every-day cotton face masks or any other piece of cloth wrapped around the face are not sufficient any longer. The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption is prohibited, in particular the sale and distribution of beverages in glasses, cups, mugs or disposable containers. Hopefully, the following measures will help gain control over the situation again. Therefore only a maximum of two people from two households may shoot together. Unterdessen haben die Swans ihr Trainerteam komplettiert. Sports activities as part … The obligation to wear medical face masks applies. Im März 2020 stand der Vereinssport in Hamburg wegen der Corona-Pandemie für 51 Tage still- komplett und ohne Ausnahme. Northern Ireland's chief medical officer has advised against further cancellations of mass outdoor events in the battle to contain the spread of coronavirus. These purchased products will not be more expensive for you as a user. (2) The general occupational health and safety regulations and standards must be implemented for all employees together with the sector-specific arrangements with the accident insurance company unless otherwise arranged for in these regulations. (7) By order of the health authorities, the organisation responsible for the facilities mentioned in subsections (1) and (2) must test all clients and employees immediately for SARS-CoV-2 if they have had contact with a person of category I as defined by the Robert Koch Institute. We will be your hometown outfitter - offering the best regional gear for all your outdoor needs, at the best value. Personal contacts with other persons, including other newly detained persons, must be kept to a minimum during this period. Wherever employees still have to come together to fulfill their work duties, wearing a medical face mask is mandatory; the respective employer is responsible for making suitable masks available to the employees. Further Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. (6) Subsections 1 and 3 do not apply to training courses as well as for the training courses of non-academic health care professions regulated by federal and state law, including the training courses that are mandatory for the exercise of the profession. The operation of the Studienkolleg Hamburg is restricted according to section 23 (3). Landungsbrücken: © www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Sascha Neuroth, Corona: What's New: © imago images / Blaulicht News, Face Masks Obligatory in Certain Areas: © imago images / Michael Weber, Corona Rules and Regulations: © congerdesign / Pixabay, Corona-Warn-App: © imago images / Petra Schneider. Also excluded from the prohibition stated in subsection (1) are services necessary to care for persons experiencing homelessness. (2) Unless the persons entering have stayed in an area affected by a highly infectious variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the ten days preceding their entry, section 35 (1) does not apply. Section 36a Reduction of the Isolation Period(1) The isolation according to section 35 (1) may end no sooner than on the fifth day after entry, and only if a person has a negative COVID-19 test result or medical certificate on paper or in an electronic document in German, English or French and presents it without delay to the responsible authority on request within ten days of entry. We will keep you up-to-date on the spread of the virus and what the Federal Government and individual states are doing to slow it down. The information stands are not permitted if the remaining traffic space is restricted by them in such a way that the distance requirement under section 3 (2) cannot be complied with. Section 10b Obligation to Wear Face Masks in Certain Streets, Squares and Areas(1) On the following public streets squares and areas, wearing a face mask in accordance with section 8 is obligatory for all persons present: (2) In individual cases, the police may order a spatially limited obligation to wear a face mask according to section 8 on public streets, squares or areas if this is necessary for reasons of infection control; this is particularly the case if the physical distancing requirements according to section 3 are not complied with by a considerable number of persons present or cannot be complied with due to the spatial conditions or the number of persons present.